Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Dobson Lane Allotments Woodland Work Party

Last week the Courier and The Observer wrote articles about the the Woodland Work Party at Dobson Lane Allotments (Saturday February 20th). Writing a press release and then seeing it in the papers is a great feeling. I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoys writing. As a volunteer for Action21 I get to see what I write making an impact in print. If you are interested in volunteering please contact

Louise Male, Project Manager tells me that the Woodland Work Party went extremely well;

"The morning weather was frosty but the day soon gave way to sunshine (and very muddy boots). There was an excellent turn out of 18 volunteers, including two local PCSO's (Police Community Support Officers). Volunteers pruned, pillared and coppiced part of the wood, taking out any low or dead branches. Coppicing prolongs the life of a tree as well as creating a rich mosaic of habitats, attracting a wide range of flora and fauna. It also allows us to grow and harvest materials that can be used in future activities, specifically willow and hazel for willow weaving, hazel fencing and bean poles. The wood was then used to make two large habitat/brush piles which provide cover from predators and places for nests, escape routes and dens. Many insects are attracted to these piles of decomposing wood, which provides a bounty of food for birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. An area was also cleared to host Forest School Activities".

Allotment applications are also now coming in thick and fast. Having this project publicised in the paper has helped it to get the local support it needs.