Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Are you a practical person with time on your hands?

When John Ford retires he found he had time on his hands that he wanted to fill, becoming a volunteer Portable Appliance Tester for Action 21 enabled him to put his practical skills to good use:

I’ve always liked fixing things and had an interest in electrics. Volunteering as a Portable Appliance Tester for Action 21 means I save a lot of electrical goods from landfill. I’ve taken early retirement and this has become a hobby for me now” (John Ford: Volunteer PAT Tester)

Action 21’s shops, The Recycle Warehouse and Re-Useful Centre receive lots of electrical items and they all have to be safety checked before they can be sold. Donations are piling up so Action 21 is keen to recruit more volunteers to carry out the necessary safety checks. Volunteers enjoy a sociable working environment and gain a qualification:

“If you are a practical person, interested in how things work, then this kind of thing might suit you “(John Webber: Volunteer PAT Tester)

Action 21 are a not-for-profit environmental organisation. They have two shops in Leamington Spa that sell donated items of furniture, bric a brac and electrical items. Profits from the shops are then put into practical projects that aim to make sustainable living easier for the people of Warwickshire. They are proud to have over 90 volunteers involved.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Portable Appliance Tester telephone Amy Footer: Volunteer Co-ordinator, 01926 453030 or email .

Volunteer PAT Tester Shawn hard at work.