Saturday, 22 January 2011

Letters of support for Action 21 ...

The Courier (21/1/2011) has published another kind letter of support for Action 21 In case you miss it here is Ann Morrison's letter;
What a waste of a community group
It is with sadness and incredulity that I read in the Courier last week that Action 21 will no longer run the Leamington recycling site at Princes Drive. Your article suggests that the reason fro selecting Sue Ryder is that they would be more successful in directing waste from landfill, (presumably based on their premises).
I wonder if the tender process took into account the years of local volunteering from Leamington residents that made this site and the organisation special to the district.
Other charities may be good at what they do, but Action 21 is essentially an environmental community group that had successfully recycled much household waste.
Is this an example of a large national charity who may be able to employ specialists in presenting bids in a persuasive way, to the detriment of a small, well respected local community group who may now have to suffer job losses?
Ann Morrison, Leam Terrace. Leamington Spa.

Thankyou Ann, it's great to know that the many hours volunteers have spent working for Action 21 is recognised by the public. The changes have meant many job losses for Action 21, but we're not giving up. Most of the volunteers are staying on and we will be redoubling our efforts at the Re-Useful Centre. Please help us to make it work by donating your unwanted items.