Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Green Capital

Dominating Scotland’s tackle with climate change is their investment in wind farms – controversial by nature. Wind farms are both visibly and audibly noticeable, with business magnate Donald Trump claiming their presence across Scotland’s landscape is ‘financial suicide’ for the tourism industry. Scotland’s geomorphology and climate arguably provide optimal conditions for wind energy, and so far they are on target to meet their ambitious 2020 renewable electricity aim of 100%. The Trump Organisation's allegation of a drop in tourism due to wind farm investment is yet to provide evidence beyond the anecdotal quote: “I am the evidence [and] considered a world-class expert in tourism”. However, Scotland has shed light on troubles within their path to reach Europe’s ‘Green capital’ as they are lacking in renewable energy skills; though if this is amended through educational approaches it is likely Scotland could reach ‘capital’ status by 2020. 
(BBC News 2012)

By Ellen Kane, Action 21 volunteer