Wednesday, 16 December 2009


With the stress and joy of Christmas upon us it's a challenge to keep on top of the recycling. Come January you don't want to find your grey bin is overflowing and the dustmen won't collect it.

Wrapping paper is NOT recyclable so the way I see it you have two choices. One, keep it in the family and use it again and again, and two, get creative with magazines and newspapers. You could liven up Christmas morning by wrapping your presents in a witty collage of news stories or you could stick to a theme (Copenhagen, Global Warming, Floods). If you want to play it safe go for a good old fashioned crossword. This will give your family and friends a great opportunity to reveal their staggering breadth of knowledge on Christmas morning.

Get the kids to have a clear out of their old magazines and toys, and make some much needed space in their bedrooms for any Christmas deliveries. If you drop them off at the Recycle Warehouse (Tip Shop) you'll be doing your local community a big favour.

Santa,if you have time in your busy schedule to read this, the Re-Useful Centre and the Recycle Warehouse are fully stocked with books, toys and nick nacks that would top up the finest stocking. Don't hesitate to send your elves down and we'll do you a special deal for bulk buying.

What a great opportunity for recycling Christmas has turned out to be!

I'm off for two weeks so now is the time to wish you a very merry red, white and green christmas!