Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Nine million bicycles

It's great to see that Warwick District Council have installed a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights near the Recycle Warehouse on Princes Drive. Making walking or cycling to the shop easier is good for the residents of Leamington Spa and Action21.

There seem to be ever more people cycling around these days and the sale of bikes at our shops is going well. Laura Colebrooke, bike workshop co-ordinator at the Re-useful Centre says " I cycle everywhere I go. I believe that's very achievable for most people. Obviously it's good for health and the environment, but also for a woman it's empowering. bikes are how women got to the suffragette meetings after all!"

Beijing, once home to nine million bicycles, has seen a steady decline in their use since the economic boom has increased the use of cars. Consequently its residents now experience pollution and traffic jams. Beijing's city government are hoping to reverse this trend and get people back on their bikes. To achieve this they plan to re-install lost cycle routes. build more bike shelters, make bikes easily available for hire and invest in the subway network.

The less people use cars the more people use bicycles seems a pretty fair correlation. Less traffic, less pollution and increased safety are good cycling incentives. Action 21 promotes the use of bicycles over cars by fixing up old bikes and selling them in their shops. It's always good to see that other towns, countries and cities are taking action to promote the same aims and values. If we all think locally we really can impact globally.

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