Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New community allotment set for success.

Whitnash residents have shown their support for the Dobson Lane Community Allotments by volunteering at the Woodland Work Parties and applying for allotment plots. Demand has been so great that Action 21’s Project Manager Louise Male has been forced to start a waiting list.

Robyn Dorling, Action 21 volunteer says:

“The people of Whitnash have really made this project happen. Volunteers have worked hard at turning this scrubland into allotments ready for planting. Being able to allocate the plots in springtime will be a real bonus.”

Action 21 wants to keep the community involved in the project.

“There are always new things for volunteers to do and running courses on the site will make it a well used space that local people get benefit from.” (Robyn Dorling, Action 21 Volunteer)

Action 21 plans to get local schools involved in running Forest School courses. Forest Schools are a national organisation that put on short courses for people who want to learn about working in a woodland environment. The courses are aimed at children, young people and people with disabilities.

The site will also be used to run Green Woodworking courses. Participants will be able to learn the skills of working on unseasoned timber, with hand tools, to create something unique for their home or garden.

If you would like to get involved through volunteering you could help with:

• Making a raised bed for people with mobility issues.
• Building compost toilets.
• Constructing a fence

The allotments will be run by the people that use them and they will vote on any decisions that are made. A meeting to set up the Dobson Lane Community Allotment Association will be held at Whitnash Community Centre (Acre Close) on March 24th at 7pm. Everyone is welcome.

There’s another work party on Saturday 20th March. If you would like to get involved call Action 21 on 01926 456067 and we will make sure that you receive a warm welcome.