Wednesday, 24 March 2010

What comes and goes at the shops.

This week I did a little market research to find out about peoples donating and purchasing patterns.

On being asked what the most popular donations at the Recycle Warehouse are most of the staff laughed and said ‘anything’, which shows what a fabulous variation of stuff comes into the shop. After a brief discussion however the general consensus was books and videos, closely followed by crockery.

The most popular purchases at the shop are electrics, beds and crockery. We have actually had a few electric beds too!

Customers would like to see more parking spaces. Staff and volunteers would like to see one ways signs and I would like to see more donations and more customers.

The shops really benefit from a fast turnaround of goods. Some things barely hit the shop floor before someone else has bought them. So keep giving, keep looking and keep buying.

Action21 is a not for profit organisation and money made at the shop is put into environmental projects in the community.