Saturday, 10 April 2010

Really Re-Useful homeware

Annnnd...the General Election is off! The starting gun has been fired. Britain will be undergoing some huge changes this Spring to be sure. But what about you? Are you ready for a change? Are your surroundings looking a little bit stale and tired? Do you think a bit of novelty wouldn't go amiss?

No - not at Westminster. In your living room! If you are doing a bit of a Spring clean and have decided you need a bit of new furniture to spruce up the place, you should come down to the Re-Useful Centre in Syndenham, where we are fully stocked in homeware.

Any colour-scheme, design or theme you wish for, the Re-Useful Centre has it. And you can make a difference when you buy - all of the money goes back to Action 21 projects.

The best bit is, you can pick up a bargain at the centre armchairs from fiver and cushions from 50p.

Armchairs from £5

Cushions from 50p

Garden chairs from £2

Mugs, cups and saucers from 20p

Large dinner service from £9

Dining tables from £5