Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Art and Re-use.

This week I have been inspired by Bryonie Porter to try and revamp some old furniture with wallpaper. After seeing her gorgeous pieces in a magazine I tried covering a simple box. The secret is to have the right colour paint (that matches the wallpaper), so you can cheat on those bits that are just too tricky to cover. I pasted on the paper, let it dry and then used a stanley knife to cut along the edges. A clear varnish can then be applied to make it more robust. I can't pretend my box was as great as Bryonie's work but I still like the results. The Recycle Warehouse and Re-useful Centre always have cheap and interesting bits of furniture you could experiment on.

On the subject of alternative art Gaia have handed over their basement to Leamington newcomer Adam Holton, who has organised and is hosting an exhibition and sale. Adam wants to promote local and international art that is not mass produced and meet some of the alternative Leamington faces.

Recycled waste from Nepal has been transformed into a five foot pink elephant and some really quirky kitchenware. Amy King is showing photographic compositions that combine Leamington landmarks with views you could only see from space. Paintings and poetry adorn every wall of this underground room and Adam is still happy to put more work up.

If you would like to have a look, buy something, or show your own work the exhibition is open during shop hours and runs until April 30th 2010.