Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Permaculture Course

Sustainability is not something you learn overnight. For me, living in a sustainable way started as a justification for enjoyable old habits (rummaging through junk shops, car boots and skips) and has gradually developed into the desire to know how to create a wild and natural garden and eat locally grown food.

In March I blogged on 2010: International Year of Biodiversity, and canvassed my friends for tips on how to attract wildlife without spending any money. I dutifully did everything I was told and the results have been nothing short of a transformation of the relationship I have with my garden. Gone are the days when I look at the lawn, as something to be manicured to perfection, and the garden as an empty space that nobody uses enough to warrant its hard work. All it took was a few piles of wood, a little pond (an old sunken sink), a variety of feeding platforms (old chimneys with tree rounds on top) and my garden is alive with birds, butterflies and bees. Birdsong fills my ears, the children’s leftovers are never wasted and I am enjoying my garden more than ever before, with a lot less work.

Permaculture is a practical way of redesigning how we do things by following how systems work in nature. Action 21 are running a two day Permaculture Course on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd May at the Education Centre in Jephson Gardens. Course leader Ruth O’Brien wants the sessions to be informative, relaxed and fun. Four people have already signed up and Ruth would love more of you to join. For information telephone 01926 453030 or email