Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Recycling Week: June 21 -27th 2010.

Recycle Now are using this year’s recycling week to focus our minds on recycling unused electrical items. Their website is packed full of useful information on recycling and events that are happening in your area.

Leamington’s most exciting event of the year, The Peace Festival is on this weekend (19th-20th June). Come and say hello to the Action 21 staff and plant a seed in re-used containers, or get a free M.O.T for your bicycle from Dr Bike. Action 21 staff and volunteers will be working hard to recycle all the rubbish at the festival.

When all the fun is over,and all the recycling has been done, it’s still inevitable you’ll be left nursing a pile of leaflets. So here are some tips and tricks on how to re-use them:
  • Make planting pots for seeds by wrapping newspaper, or leaflets, around a jam jar and folding in the bottom. Remove the jar and fill with soil to make the pot stable. Once the plant has grown big enough you can put it straight into the ground as the paper will gradually disintegrate. Andrew Garner.
  • Get modeling with paper mache. Tear into strips and cover in wallpaper paste. Cover balloons, plastic bottles, styrofoam trays and shoe boxes. Or make your own base using masking tape and cardboard. Let each layer dry before applying the next. Lay the strips of paper across each other and apply at least three layers. Once dry your model is ready to paint. Robyn Dorling.
  • Shred and use for packaging or bedding for small animals. Caroline Lukehurst.
  • Give them to your local primary school for kids to make collages out of. Tricia Belvedere.
  • Make paper aeroplanes. Milo Richards aged 11.
  • Paint red and use as a red carpet for lego figures. Milo Richards aged 11.
  • Cut up and use as confetti at a ‘green wedding’. Eleanor Perkins.