Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wash and Go.

The school holidays will soon be upon us and what better way to keep the kids entertained than by pouring water onto plants. You can catch the August showers with a swanky water barrel (placed under your guttering) or you can opt for more the more make and do options, (necessity being the mother of invention and all that) of buckets, milk bottles with the tops cut off, empty pots etc. This way you can continue to be an eco water collector whilst camping.

After a night in a tent what better way to wash and go is there than fresh rainwater? No more queing for the tap
with a long line of happy campers or festival revellers. You will have washed in water, heated by the sun, before they have got on their hiking boots / or got back from the party. If you want to be squeaky clean grab a handful of chestnut leaves and scrunch them up in water. This will produce a totally natural soapy lather making you shiny and happy and ready to rock and roll.