Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Community Plot!

Action 21 are looking for a community group to take on a large (60 metre2) plot of land at Dobson Lane Community Allotments in Whitnash.

The site has 44 individual plots and one other community allotment used by Brunswick Health Living Centre's community group 'Get Physical'. Co-ordinator, Joan Collins, started the allotment so the group's members (who have learning difficulties and/or mental health issues) could get more active by being involved in a sustainable community project:

"An allotment is a gentle introduction to exercise and it's good for your mental well being. We will use the food we grow in the cafe at the Brunswick Healthy Living Centre. It's organic and healthy."

Allotments are gaining popularity as people become more interested in where their food comes from and how it is grown. Sharing an allotment plot means everyone can get involved no matter what their skill level. It's a sociable activity in a lovely setting.

It has taken a lot of hard work to turn this scrubland into attractive community allotments. Volunteers and local businesses Jaguar Land Rover, Carillion PLC, Barclays Bank and KES builders have all contributed to the success of the project by volunteering their staff and donating materials.

Project Manager Louise Male wants to organise workshops in den building, willow weaving and green woodworking and plans to build raised beds, for people with mobility issues, and compost toilets.

This is a great opportunity for a local community group to get involved by taking on an allotment. Whether they are looking to learn new skills, provide social opportunities or get healthy, having your own piece of land and growing your own food is rich with rewards.

For more information email or telephone Action 21 on 01926 453030