Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hooray for partnerships!

Partnerships are brilliant. They allow us to do far more together than any of us could do alone, and create huge benefits for everyone involved. A friend talked to me yesterday how co-dependency is a feature of human life, and it certainly does reap benefits for us in the Sustainability field.

Every summer we run a project with a handful of local authorities, providing three days of outdoors environmental education for over 1200 primary school children at under £9 per child. This wouldn't be possible without the partnership working.

We've also got a fantastic partnership deal with Ecotricity. Every time someone switches to Ecotricity (which is good for them) and quotes Action 21, we get a £25 donation (which is good for us). And the whole thing is good for the planet.

And here's what Ecotricity say about themselves:

"Ecotricity is an energy company with a difference. They take the money their customers spend on their electricity and gas bills and reinvest it to build new sources of green energy. Every unit of green energy they generate directly replaces the energy normally made from conventional polluting or depleting sources."

In an age of depleted resources, financial and material, these kind of partnerships are going to be increasingly important. If we work together, then we might, just might solve the Sustainability thing.