Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Since my son started secondary school (two weeks ago) the packing and unpacking of 'the bag' has taken on a whole new significance. Getting it wrong spells disaster; my son won't have the books he needs or be able to deliver the homework he slaved over. My anxiety over this whole secondary school thing is like a huge cloud. The silver lining is that I have learnt that stress can be well managed with obsessive organisation.

Enter: Box files. Lots of them. All beautifully covered and colour coded for different subjects. Cereal boxes out, high level filing in. If only someone had told me before that mornings could be an oasis of calm through the simple implementation of a filing system. So take my advice, say goodbye to those cheerios and get cutting and sticking. For full instruction you don't even have to turn over the packet, simply click on this link.