Thursday, 2 December 2010

Battery Obituary

Picture taken by Mathieu BOIS

According to the Warwichire County Council website 'around 600 million UK household batteries (22,000 tonnes) – the equivalent weight of 110 Jumbo Jets – are sent to landfill unnecessarily every year! The chemical make up of batteries varies from type to type but most batteries contain heavy metals which are the main cause for environmental concern. When disposed of incorrectly these heavy metals may leak into the ground when the battery casing corodes. This can contribute to soil and water pollution and endanger wildlife.'

New regulations, which came into force 1st February 2010, require all shops selling more than one pack of four AA batteries a day, to take back waste portable batteries free of charge. I called two of the major supermarkets in the area and found that one had a collection box in the store and one was unaware of their legal obligation. So TAKE ACTION, (and get some feelgood factor while you shop), by dumping your batteries in the right place.

To reduce your future consumption Warwickshire County Council advise you to:

  • Use the mains when possible.
  • Use rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. This saves energy because the energy needed to manufacture a battery is on average 50 times greater than the energy it gives out.
  • Opt for appliances that can use power derived from the sun via solar panels or from a winding mechanism, e.g. radios, mobile phone wind-up chargers.
  • Participate in Warwickshire County Council's battery collection schemes at your local household waste recycling centres.