Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cold Weather Volunteers

Artist Tim Robottom creating Cascade at the Re-Useful Centre.

With the wonderful art and plastic bottle Greenhouse outside, The Re-Useful Centre looks like a shining beacon of creative community spirit, in the middle of an industrial setting . And I guess that is because, that is what it is.

I called in last week, in sub zero temperatures, to find lots of staff and volunteers all about to light the candles on a birthday cake for Jason, an Action 21 volunteer.

I asked Shop Manager, Ben Moore, “what makes people come into a cold warehouse to volunteer in sub zero temperatures?”
Ben: “People like to be around people. People like to volunteer on the days when we have other volunteers around. No-one wants to go into a cold P.A.T testing room on their own, but if there are lots of volunteers P.A.T testing in there, more people want to do it.”
I agree. I’m really pleased that I am now volunteering alongside two other volunteers in the office. It’s a healthy and stimulating work environment that combats the isolation of being a stay at home mum, in a very natural and spontaneous way. Working with other people makes you feel like you belong and are part of a team.
As Ben said “You have to be really, really nice to volunteers and make it a good place to be.”
Action 21 have a huge variety of volunteering options available and try to help you get what you want out of volunteering. You might be a high flyer who wants to offer their skills to a worthy cause, a graduate wanting to gain experience in something specific in order to help with job applications, a parent who is only available during school hours or a retired person who is used to working full time, and is not totally ready to stop. Action 21 volunteers come in all shapes and sizes so Action volunteering options have to come in all shapes and sizes too.
For volunteering opportunities you can call our Volunteer Co-ordinator, Amy Footer , on 01926 453030 for a chat, or browse for volunteer roles on the Action 21 website.