Thursday, 20 January 2011

Letter of support for Action 21

Marianne Pitts wrote a wonderful letter to the Leamington Courier, who published it in their Opinion Postbag section on January 7th 2011.

I would like to say a big thankyou to Marianne for supporting Action 21 so eloquently.

Marianne's letter;

"Is money all that matters to the council?

The news (Courier December 24) that Action 21 is no longer to be in charge of the recycle Warehouse on Princes Drive is disturbing.

Action 21 set up this centre nearly five years ago to such good effect that Warwick County Council (WCC) has recently given them a grant towards a new building.

Hundreds of volunteers have given time and ideas and have worked hard to raise the profile and level of activity. The proceeds support the Sustainability Centre in and around the Willes Road gatehouse of Jephson Gardens, using a local asset which had been abandoned and unused for many years. This centre must be in jeopardy with the loss of Action 21's income from the recycle warehouse.

What reason can there be for taking this resource away from Action 21?

The Sue Ryder foundation is an excellent charity doing valuable work for the long term disabled and for cancer patients, but it is a national, as opposed to local, charity. the HQ is in London and the nearest carers are in Wolverhampton.

The Courier article reports a belief that a Sue Ryder shop would generate more income. for whom and how and why does it matter? Will as much material be saved for reuse and from landfill?

What about the ecological argument? Is money all that matters to WCC?

Local volunteers of Action 21 have been snubbed by WCC - why?"

Marianne Pitts, Leam Terrace, Leamington Spa.