Thursday, 20 January 2011

More join solar scheme

The Leamington Observer reported on Action 21's solar thermal challenge this week.

Here is what they wrote:

"More green-minded householders in the district are hoping to power their homes with solar technology.

A dozen households in Kenilworth have already had solar technology installed thanks to a new eco-friendly scheme run by Action 21 - the Leamington based sustainability project.

And now residents in Leamington are hoping to sign up to the Solar thermal challenge.

The scheme, offering discounted solar panels to groups of 12 householders, was launched in May last year with the aim of installing 300 solar thermal units in the district.

Carolyn and John Pickering, who live in Greatheed Road, are keen to have solar thermal units installed in their home and have already rallied together eight other householders but need just a few more in order to get their twenty five per cent discount.

Action 21, which promotes sustainable living to people in Warwickshire through positive practical action just like the solar thermal challenge, has joined forces with supplier Eco2solar to offer the discounted thermal units.

Climate change campaigners say over 30 minutes the earth absorbs enough energy from the sun to power the entire planet for a whole year. The solar challenge aims to capture just some of that solar energy.

Anyone who would like to join the scheme can contact John Pickering on 01926 332965".

Thanks to the Observer for writing this article. Let's hope it gets four more households joining and going solar.